JAKe’s Art (some new)

Currently three of my paintings are on display; two in Ashland, OH, and one in Sandusky, OH.

All are available. You can send me a bid if you like any. In fact, you can send bids on almost everything you see on my website. The ballerina and Interference are currently off-limits since they reside at two of my children’s homes.

Here is the newest one and it is currently in a show, named Underworld, at Carrington Arts in Sandusky, OH, running through July 30, 2021.

Lil Davy’s Aquarium, Big Davy’s Locker

JAKe’s art

In the first painting, “SOAR,” 

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I hope to evoke a feeling of freedom as one soars in their unique desire to reach their potential. The painting is acrylic on canvas and done with both palette knife and brush.  I custom-made the frame myself attempting to mimic the plane’s fuselage.  The whole piece, including frame, measures 17″ wide by 14″ high.

The second painting is my version of the oft painted “Noli Me Tangere.” 

In my version I include my own garden, my garden of my delight, my garden of Eden.  As you may know the story, Mary Magdalene mistakes the risen Lord Jesus as the gardener.  Recognizing him, she reaches out to touch him and is warned not to for Jesus has not yet risen to his father.  I painted not only my front yard garden which is a peaceful place for me but also a favorite bench that has elements of creation with the stars, the sun, and the moon.  The sun and the moon are pictured doubly, with the rising sun and the crescent moon, the moon actually smiling as the light of Jesus shines on it.  A garden ornament is included which is a gift from my oldest child.  Elements of renewal are everywhere, but death still persists as evidenced by the serpents as they thrive in darkness.  The symbolism in this painting is intentional, as is my attempt at inclusiveness of different religious/philosophical thought, inclusivity of races as portrayed by varied facial coloring and hair color, and all-inclusiveness of time as reflected in the seated character’s more up-to-date dress as opposed to the classic linen wrap of the character Jesus, “the gardener.” This painting is acrylic on canvas and done with both palette knife and brush.  It measures 42″ wide by 29″ high, frame included (frame not pictured here).  I made the frame. It is simple stained wood representing the humble life of Christ, the carpenter’s son on earth, and a circling leaf motif representing the vine that gives life that Christ represents.

The third painting, which I call “Penalty for Interference,”

is an acrylic on wood done yet again with palette knife mainly, but also with brush.  My inspiration came from a pixelated TV screen that occurred as I was watching a hockey game interrupted by a thunderstorm  If you know, interference is a penalty that can be called on players, and I guess you could say my family and I were penalized due to the weather.  It is 41″ wide by 25″ high. The frame, again, I made.

The fourth is called, “Sunrise Layer Cake…share a peace.” 

The inspiration was a sunrise I viewed as I was returning home from taking my dogs to a dog park.  It was the colors that first moved me and then I let my imagination run wild along with allowing the painting to evolve over time.  If you look closely, the piece of cake being shared is the same colors as the layered clouds, with the dripping clouds on one side simulating dripping icing.  I added a little Escher-esqueness to the cliff line in the foreground.  Some will be confused by it.  I hope others will be intrigued by it. By the way, there is no water anywhere in this painting.  This is acrylic on canvas and is similar in size to “Noli Me Tangere.”  I don’t have the exact size since it hangs at a store of a friend of mine.  It’s good to have good friends.

The fifth is left untitled but I tend to want to call it, “Eryn’s Silent Soliloquy.”


This too is acrylic on canvas and similar in size to “Sunrise…”  The inspiration comes from a scene in my second novel, “A Secret Lies Deep,” where the main character, and I must say a very interesting possible love interest for reasons I won’t mention here, are looking out from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  It too hangs at my friend’s business, at least for the time being.

Number 6 is my smallest painting and one that I won’t be able to show even if you wanted me to.  It rests on a shelf at my daughter’s house in Texas as I gave it to her as a gift, again.  That is a long story.


It is oil on wood plank and is probably somewhere around 8″ by 10″.

Painting number 7 I must admit is a copy of another work I found online.  I changed some things and added a bit but it very much resembles the original.  This is a combination of acrylic and oil.  The base is acrylic with oil on top.  The frame plus painting measures 25″ wide by 41″ high.  The frame I again designed and fashioned.  The pirate is based on Blackbeard.

The last one in this series, number 8, is an oldie but a goodie.  I painted this while in college and is a reproduction of the album cover of “A Clockwork Orange.” 

This is oil on canvas and measures 48″ wide by 60″ high. You may notice some missing paint on the right eyebrow. Kids will be kids! A splash of something, according to my small boys, ended up staining the painting. They attempted to remove the stains with spirits. Of course, I didn’t find out the details of the story until the boys left the nest. I have since touched up the painting.

I’m currently working on creating pedestals for bird baths.  To do this project I’m using tree limbs and will be coating them with epoxy.  Last winter I created about 18 octagonal stepping stones using concrete and stained glass, coating the stained glass with epoxy to help preserve them outside during the winter.  I will also be starting my next painting which will again be a combo of acrylic and oil.  This one will give the impression of looking at a seascape with an old stranded frigate but at the same time I will make it appear as if one is looking at fish and an octopus in a rectangular fish tank.

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Some additional reviews of my books including one I never saw!

The Unintended: R u sure?? by Jake Hatmacher (2014-08-08) Joy: Engaging and thought-provoking read

October 24, 2019Format : Paperback | Verified PurchaseWOW! This book really pulled me into the stories and took me on quite a journey. I have always been interested in women’s issues, but this book really got to the heart of the challenges that some women face. The author demonstrated the long-reaching effects (mental, physical, and spiritual) that certain actions can have on a woman and her various relationships. I can’t say anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything, but this is a worthy read–one that is really thought-provoking!

The Unintended: R u sure?? by Jake Hatmacher (2014-08-08)dream factory: The loneliness of a whisper

March 23, 2018Format : Paperback A highly engaging novel concerning human response to real life choices.
Conceptualized around an interplay of time, the plot-events are interrelated between two distinct centuries.
The well rounded characters bring about a full range of ideations toward abortion, spiritualism, sexuality, superiority, and women’s rights.
All arranged in a ‘conclusion-in-aftermath- format,’ which is highly conducive to the novel.
Very well written and engaging throughout. An original and quite enjoyable read. 5 Stars!

A Secret Lies DeepGrace: Great Book!

April 26, 2017Format : Paperback | Verified PurchaseThis isn’t a genre I would normally choose, but I loved Mr. Hatmacher’s first book (The Unintended: R U Sure) so I purchased this book. I loved the character development and authenticity of the history. I found myself imagining being right there with the main character while she was on her adventures and thoroughly enjoyed her interactions with her coworker. There is something for everyone in this book: current social issues, history, paranormal experiences, romance with a little humor sprinkled in. All of these things are well balanced so there isn’t too much of one vs. the other. In case you’re wondering, there is more than 1 secret, too.

A Secret Lies Deep –

Betty: I found this to be a very entertaining and also informative book. JAKe Hatmacher’s writing not only tells interesting stories but are packed with information that I may not have found out otherwise. I couldn’t wait to get back to the book when I needed to put it down due to tired eyes or the need to go somewhere. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I really enjoyed it! (less)

A Secret Lies Deep-

Celia: There is a reason why the synopsis of A Secret Lies Deep is so enigmatic – it’s about the secrets that exist around us and in us all the time throughout our lives. Through the character of Eryn, we experience what it is to not fully know who we are, and what we are meant to do on this earth. It is about the history of each of us, that which we have experienced, and what is still yet to be. Eryn is on a personal mission of figuring out who she is, and her place in the world. Through reflection, questioning, and an external task provided by her job – Eryn embarks on a journey that is sure to remind the reader of their own personal journeys – both outward and within.

I recommend this book to anyone who has or is interested the soul searching, almost existential, experience of getting to know one’s self. I don’t wish to ruin the story for anyone, as I am prone to do on my blog, so if you are interested, I highly recommend that you try this one out for yourself.

A Secret Lies Deep –

Donna: Certainly an intriguing book. I love how it tied in to the previous book “The Unintended: R U Sure?”! Very interesting topics. 

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–despite all our faults and foibles, in the end it’s our love that matters.

The Winner is…

The winner of my LAST OF THE MOHICANS trivia contest last Friday at the Writer’s Group event at the Akron Barnes and Noble was….drum roll….Rui (Ray) Xu. Congratulations! He will receive a gift card to Barnes and Noble for his winning effort. Ray is also a writer with the group and has contributed “Now with Page numbers” and “The forthcoming anthology” to the groups anthologies. He says he is in the process of publishing a book of his own. Wish him well and success.
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Recent Art Works

The first two images are stained-glass inlaid stepping stones that I have been starting to make. The designs are from pictures I’ve taken in my gardens around my home. With any luck I’ll will have created enough by next Spring-Summer to place in an area that’s near my grill that’s shaded and difficult to grow grass. I’ll then hopefully add a small bistro table and a couple of chairs – another relaxing place.

The last picture is my latest acrylic painting. For now, at least, I call it, SOAR.